Sambhar Lake, India's largest saline lake, spans an impressive 190 square kilometres. Situated about 80 kilometres southwest of Jaipur and 350 kilometres from New Delhi, this vast glacial saline body is a true natural wonder. Despite its size, the lake is remarkably shallow, with an average depth of just 0.6 cm and a maximum depth of 3 meters. Stretching 22.5 kilometres in length and varying from 3 to 11 kilometres in width, the lake's vast salt marshes, rich history, and thousands of migratory birds, particularly the stunning pink flamingos, make it a must-visit destination.


A Motorcyclist's Guide

For years, travellers have been captivated by the idea of visiting Sambhar Salt Lake. If you have a local guide or friend in Jaipur, they can help you meticulously plan a trip. The newly constructed expressway makes the journey to Jaipur more convenient, there is a ban on motorcycles which would make you take a detour towards the old highway. After a few stops for breakfast and refreshments, you will arrive in Jaipur around 11 a.m.Due to the intense heat, you might have to scale back on your sightseeing plans in Jaipur but that is solely up to discretion. Your goal should be to reach the lake before sunset, find a suitable spot for camping, and depart after sunrise the following day.


Sights of Sambhar Lake

Around 4 p.m., you should begin the journey towards the lake. A slight detour can take you to the tiny village of Naraina, you can finally arrive at the lake by twilight. If you are there to capture breathtaking views, this is the ideal time to quickly set up your photography equipment and capture the breathtaking sunset over the horizon. You can pitch your tent under the partly cloudy night sky. Here, spend some time stargazing before retiring for the night. If you want to catch a glimpse of your surroundings illuminated by the moonlight, wake up at around 3:30 a.m.


Views from the Campsite

The mornings are early, around 6:00 am, as the glow of the sun's first rays will take your breath away. You can capture the views with a drone camera or simply your iPhone to get the perfect shots. The magnificent sunrise paints the horizon in golden hues, and you wouldn't want to miss this for the world! Pack up your tent and venture deeper into the lake. If you have a motorbike, ride as far as you can until the dry lands become wet and marshy. if you are lucky, you will notice a cluster of pink near the horizon. This would mostly be a flock of flamingos. Prepare to be completely awestruck because Sambhar Lake is home to thousands of migratory birds, particularly the iconic pink flamingos.


Adventure of a Lifetime

Although you might not be able to view this up close, maintain a safe distance of 100 meters to avoid disturbing the endangered species. Watching the flock of flamingos move in a peculiar pattern across the lake is a truly spectacular sight. On your way back, you can also see the rail crossing for the local train and get a chance to witness the indigenously developed rail tram system of the Sambhar Salts Limited, with lines laid by the British nearly a century ago. The ride to Sambhar Salt Lake will turn out to be one of the best adventures, offering a perfect blend of delicious food, historical cities and villages, camping under the stars, beautiful sunsets and a golden sunrise, on acres of flat salt lands.